Ask Harley

What is quicksand?

The idea of quicksand is mostly a myth, one that appears in the popular culture: movies, books, and so on.

To be sure, there do exist many places where you can find quicksand-like soil: loose sand, mixed with water, that is soft and pliable. There is quicksand all over the world, anywhere the right type of sand coexists with water, such as near a river.

However, don't be too afraid. If you ever have the misfortune to step in some quicksand, just walk out carefully and deliberately. If you get in deep, you won't get sucked in; most likely, you will float.

On the Net, quicksand is of interest to two types of people. First, geologists who study such phenomena; and second, a large number of people to whom the idea of attractive people sinking in quicksand is erotic. This particular fetish, which encompasses other types of related stimulation, is known as "wam" (wet and messy).