Ask Harley

What should I look for in a job?

We all work to earn money, but there is a lot more. Your work can be one of the most important sources of pleasure and satisfaction in your life. And when it is — when you love your work — it gives you the best chance you have of being successful and becoming rich.

We all have a number of natural talents, and work is most satisfying when what we do matches our talents. If you work at something for which you don't have the requisite inclinations, you will feel an ongoing sense of frustration. Moreover, you will never be able to compete well against the people who are suited for that type of work.

Just as important, you must choose work that uses such talents as you have. Otherwise, the work will not fully satisfy you, and over the years, you will develop a feeling that something important is missing from your life.

So how do you choose work wisely? Ask yourself, what would I love to do so much that, if I didn't need money, I would willingly do for free? What brings me so much pleasure that I would wake up each day eager to work?

The secret of success is to find work you love, and then fall in love with your work.