Harley Hahn's
Guide to Muds

Chapter 9...

Illusion and Reality

In one sense, muds are not real. After all, they are just programs running on some computer on the Internet. Moreover, the characters that people choose are also imaginary, as are the settings, the rules and the interactions.

However, you must remember that, even if it all looks like make-believe, the people who use the mud are real, with real feelings and real needs. Human beings have an amazing capacity for using their imaginations, and once you mud for a while, you can't help but identify with your character and your particular mud.

It may seem strange to a beginner, but on a mud, a person's character is an important part of his life and must be treated with the same respect you would show for the person himself. The character a person chooses to build for himself is, to a large extent, a manifestation of his personality and his unconscious desires. People who use a mud regularly come to look upon it as a real place, and they expect you to be as respectful on the mud as you would be if you were visiting them in their home.

The people you meet on a mud are well aware of the difference between the mud reality and the outside world. However, for many of them, the mud is an expression of how they would like the world to be, and it behooves you to respect that.