Harley Hahn's
Guide to Muds

Chapter 11...

Moving Around

All muds have a definite geography, and you can move from one place to another by issuing certain commands. There are many such commands, but they fall into patterns. On an adventure mud, the basic commands are directional: north, south, east and west. For convenience, you can abbreviate these commands as n,s, e and w.

You can also use combinations — northwest (nw), northeast (ne), southeast (se) and southwest (sw) — as well as up and down.

Social muds tend to use more keywords, such as out, upstairs, hallway, basement, and so on.

On a social mud, you can wander with impunity. Eventually you will find your way around, but there is no hurry. On an adventure mud, however, you must be more careful. If you are being chased by monsters in an unfamiliar area and you get lost, you might be killed.

If you use an adventure mud, I suggest you take some time to make a map for yourself. A good map will go a long way toward keeping you out of trouble. In addition, having a map is a good way to keep track of your favorite places and to remember where to find hidden treasures.