Harley Hahn's
Guide to Muds

Chapter 12...

Player Killing

On an adventure mud, you spend a lot of time looking for things to kill (and trying to avoid being killed yourself). Most of the time, you will be killing monsters that are part of the mud itself. However, it is possible to kill another player.

Player killing. or PK. is the general term used to refer to the killing of one player by another. When a player is killed, what happens depends on how the mud is organized and on the experience level of the player. As a general rule, being killed is bad and will lead to the loss of accumulated points, skills and possessions.

The policy on player killing varies from one mud to another. Some muds prohibit the practice absolutely. Other muds allow player killing, but only for a good reason or only in specific areas of the mud.

A number of muds have a PK setting which you can control. If the setting is on, you can kill other players and they can kill you. Otherwise, you cannot be killed by another player. (You can, of course, be killed by a monster.)

Finally, some muds are devoted to player killing. On such muds, killing is considered to be an art form and you will spend all of your time either creating art or avoiding it.

— hint —

Whenever you join a new adventure mud, take a moment to find out the policy on player killing.

On a social mud, it is possible to kill someone, but the consequences are benign. In most cases, killing a person will send him out of the room and back to his "home". Thus, killing is usually reserved for those times when someone is irritating you beyond what you can tolerate, and you want to get rid of him temporarily.