Harley Hahn's
Guide to Muds

Chapter 14...

Mud Resources on the Internet

There are many muds on the Internet, as well as many mud-related resources. In this chapter, I will cover the following Internet resources:

In addition, my Yellow Pages book has an entire category of mud resources:

Mud Client Programs

In order to access a mud, you need a mud client program. The following programs are all good mud clients.

Mud Client Programs

Mud Mage
Mud Master

If you have never used a mud before, I recommend you start with either Pueblo or Zmud. Pueblo is simpler than the other programs, and is less confusing to beginners. Zmud, however, is the most widely used mud client. When you are on a mud and you are having a problem, there will likely be someone around who is familiar with Zmud.

All of these programs have features that will seem confusing at first. Don't worry about too many details, and don't let it bother you that you won't understand everything right away. Just get connected to a mud and start to have fun. Later, as you are more experienced, you can spend some time exploring the various features of your mud client.

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Finding a Mud

People tend to stay with the same mud for a long time — often for months, sometimes for years. However, muds vary enormously, and I encourage you to visit several muds until you find one you like.

No matter what your interests and inclinations, there is a mud out there somewhere for you. Many muds are based on specific themes such as science fiction (Star Trek, X-Files...), comic books, gothic, fantasy, popular books (Pern, Tolkien, Dragonlance...), and history. Some muds are purely for talking. Many such muds are for general conversation, while others are devoted to specific topics such as education, research and collaboration (especially for programmers).

To help you find the type of muds you might like to try, here are some resources that offer well-designed, comprehensive lists of muds:

If you want help deciding which type of mud to try, here is a Web site that can help you. Just answer some multiple choice questions, and you will be given a recommendation of several muds that suit your personality:

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The Zynna Mud

I sponsor a mud called Zynna, and I invite you to visit it.

Zynna was planned and developed by a group of people who have years of mudding experience. These people have created a rich and engaging environment based on a medieval fantasy theme with a well-developed mythos.

As with all adventure muds, you can spend time talking with other people, as well as exploring. Zynna has five continents, one of which is an archipelago. There are coastlines, mountains, forests, streams, caves, cliffs (which you can climb), castles, beaches, docks (where you can catch fish to eat), parks, an underground cavern, a maze, roads, and cities that have restaurants, pubs, hospitals, armories and various types of shops.

Within Zynna, there are a lot of activities to keep you busy, either alone or in the company of other people, so there is always something to do. If you are an experienced mudder, you will find Zynna to be well-designed, skillfully administered, and a challenge to master. If you are a beginner, Zynna is a good place to start, as there are friendly people, a good help system, and lots of places to wander as you learn.

The essential information is as follows:

name = Zynna
host = zynna.com
port = 4000

For more information, you can visit the Zynna Web site:

Zynna Web Site


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Usenet Newsgroups

Usenet is a global system of discussion groups. (For historical reasons, Usenet discussion groups are often referred to as "newsgroups".)

If you are not yet familiar with Usenet, you can learn about it by reading Chapter 13 of my book Harley Hahn's Internet Advisor.

Help Learning How to Use Usenet

Harley Hahn's Internet Advisor: Chapter 13

Here is a list of the Usenet newsgroups that are devoted to muds. You can read the Usenet group either by using Google, or by using your own newsreader.

Mud-related Usenet Groups

Google Newsreader alt.fan.furry.muck
Google Newsreader alt.mud
Google Newsreader alt.mud.lp
Google Newsreader alt.mud.programming
Google Newsreader alt.mudders.anonymous
Google Newsreader alt.talkers.ewtoo
Google Newsreader rec.games.mud
Google Newsreader rec.games.mud.admin
Google Newsreader rec.games.mud.announce
Google Newsreader rec.games.mud.diku
Google Newsreader rec.games.mud.lp
Google Newsreader rec.games.mud.misc
Google Newsreader rec.games.mud.moo
Google Newsreader rec.games.mud.tiny

For more information about the mud-oriented Usenet groups, visit my master list of Usenet newsgroups and search for "muds".

Harley Hahn's Master List of Usenet Newsgroups


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