Harley Hahn's
Guide to Muds

A mud is an elaborate computer-mediated, imaginary role-playing environment. Muds are great places to meet people while having fun using your creativity and your intelligence.

I wrote this guide in order to help you understand muds and to learn the basics that will enable you to get started.

My suggestion is to orient yourself by taking a look at the Table of Contents below. Then start with Chapter 1 and read the entire guide straight through, one chapter at a time, from beginning to end.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What Is a Mud?
Chapter 2: What Does the Name "Mud" Mean?
Chapter 3: Mud Clients
Chapter 4: Social Muds and Action Muds
Chapter 5: LPMuds, DikuMuds and TinyMuds
Chapter 6: How to Choose a Mud
Chapter 7: Getting Started on a Mud
Connecting to the Mud
Choosing a Name
Choosing a Password
Registering as a New User
Creating Your Character
Teaching Yourself the Basic Facts About the Mud
Meeting the Other Players
Chapter 8: Talking on a Mud
Chapter 9: Illusion and Reality
Chapter 10: Getting Along With People
Chapter 11: Moving Around
Chapter 12: Player Killing
Chapter 13: Mud Sex
Chapter 14: Mud Resources on the Internet
What Can You Do on the Net?
Mud Client Programs
Finding a Mud
The Zynna Mud
Usenet Newsgroups