Harley Hahn's
Internet Advisor

A Personal Note from Harley Hahn...


Do you feel frustrated when you use the Internet? Do you feel inadequate when something goes wrong and you don't know what to do? Are you confused when you want to find some information and you don't know where to start?

Let me tell you something. Everyone feels that way. Everyone, that is, who has not yet learned how to use the Internet well.

There are many skills we need to develop in order to function well in our society. When we are young, we learn how to speak, read and write, and we spend years in school acquiring a basic education. As we get older, we learn how to drive a car, manage our money and live on our own. Although it is possible to live without these skills, few people would choose to do so.

Realistically, you can never be the total master of your fate, but if you have some understanding how things work, you can control your actions and, thus, have some influence over what happens to you.

With the Internet, all this takes is for you to develop a number of basic skills. Once you do - I promise you - you will feel a lot more comfortable and confident.

To take control of any situation, you need to understand the fundamental forces that are at work. My goal in this book is to explain how the Internet works, and how you can use it to get what you want.

Please read this book, and join me as we explore the various parts of the Internet. As you do, you can count on me in several important ways:

  • I promise to discuss everything you need to get started: how to choose a computer, how to connect to the Net, and how to find the programs you will want to use.
  • I promise to introduce you to the words and technical terms you will encounter as you learn about the Internet. I will explain each of these words to you and show you how to use them well.
  • I promise to explain the important ideas you need to use the Internet, and how to use your programs well in harmony with these ideas.
  • Most important, I promise to teach you how to understand what you are doing and how it fits into the Internet as a whole. I will show you the ideas behind the ideas, and help you appreciate the power and beauty that I see every day.

All I ask of you are two things.

First, read the entire book.

Although you can look up a particular topic and read it in isolation, I wrote this book for you to read from start to finish. Please do so. You will not only enjoy yourself, you will find a lot more than you expect. (As I am sure you realize by now, this is not an ordinary computer book.)

Second, as you read, I want you to think about the following idea. As a human being, you are blessed with intelligence, creativity and curiosity. Many people never live up to their potential because they allow themselves to become lazy or discouraged. Along the way, such people lose (or never develop) self-confidence. They are afraid of new ideas, and they are scared that they will not be able to understand and master new technology.

I want to make sure this does not happen to you. I want to make sure you understand that everyone has trouble learning how to use complicated tools and understanding complicated ideas. The world is full of people who will promise to teach you quickly and simply, but don't be fooled. Learning how to use an intricate system well takes time and mental effort.

You and I are going to spend many hours together, and my job is to make sure that time is well spent. The Internet helps us communicate and learn. I wrote this book in the same spirit. As you read, I will be by your side: explaining, teaching and, at times, entertaining you.

Throughout this book, I will show you a lot more than how to use the Internet. I will show you how to work - and how to think about your work - with elegance and style. I will show you how to open doors that you may not even know exist. You and I will walk through those doors together, and, in the weeks and months that follow, you will find that our world is a lot more exciting and wonderful than you ever dreamed.

The Internet is important, and I want you to be able to use it well. I want you to understand what it does, how it works, and why it is so important to us.

Above all, I want you to enjoy using the Internet, secure in the knowledge that you know what you are doing, that you understand what is going on, and that you belong.