10 Reasons Why You Should Join
The Harley Hahn Experience

1. Your mother would want you to.

2. A long-term study at a major university found that the overall satisfaction couples derived from their relationships was directly proportional to the amount of time they spent reading Harley Hahn books online.

3. Once you join, everyone you know will ask your advice and treat you with respect.

4. The next time your parents wonder out loud if you are wasting your life, you will be able to prove them wrong.

5. One man had a chance to become a member of The Harley Hahn Experience, but he didn't. Within days, his life was exposed as a hollow, meaningless sham.

6. On various holidays — such as St. Swithin's Day and Tess Valenza's birthday — selected supermarkets will give a discount to anyone who can prove he or she is a member of The Harley Hahn Experience.

7. (For guys only) It is well known that women really go for men who can quote from a Harley Hahn book.

8. The ancient Greeks did not have access to The Harley Hahn Experience, and look where they are today.

9. Once you join The Harley Hahn Experience, certain primitive cultures (as well as parts of Alabama) will recognize you as a god.

10. If all the people who joined The Harley Hahn Experience were laid end to end, they would be very surprised.