Should you join The Harley Hahn Experience? I don't want to influence you unduly, but do take a moment to see what the following important people have to say.

"Harley Hahn puts the 'GEE!' back in genius."  —Albert Einstein

"I first started reading Harley Hahn's books when I was 40 years old. And now, 15 years later, I am happy to say I am 55 years old."  —Ozzy Osbourne

"A great Mother's Day gift."  —Prince Charles

"If I had had access to The Harley Hahn Experience, I would have been able to create the world in 5 days and take the whole weekend off."  —God

"The only Web site you'll ever need — until you want to read something else."  —Oprah Winfrey

"And I thought I knew everything!"  —Rush Limbaugh

"If I had written this book, people would remember who I am."  —Gerald Ford

"Finally... I stopped worrying!"  —Woody Allen

"Peace, Security, Happiness and Total Fulfillment for only $20! It just doesn't get any better."  —Pope John Paul II

"It would take a miracle to make me put down a Harley Hahn book."  —Moses

"Frankly, The Harley Hahn Experience is nothing more than a youthful indiscretion."  —George W. Bush

"If I could write well, this would be the type of stuff I would want to write."  —Norman Mailer

"Since I joined the The Harley Hahn Experience, I haven't missed Jane at all."  —Ted Turner

"I did not have intellectual relations with a Harley Hahn book."  —Bill Clinton

"My favorite Harley Hahn book fits nicely in my new handbag."  —Monica Lewinski

"Now I know what I don't know!"  —Laura Schlessinger

"Now, this is what I was referring to when I talked about the ideal Web site."  —Plato

"Finally, a Web site worth coming back for!"  —Jesus Christ