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The Harley Hahn Experience?

The Harley Hahn Experience has seven different features, including the full text of my three most popular books.

1. (book) Harley Hahn's Internet Yellow Pages...
A comprehensive, stimulating guide to life, annotated with thousands of Internet resources: Web sites, Usenet discussion groups, and mailing lists.

2. The Little Nipper's Internet Clubhouse...
A special, kid-friendly Internet guide for children, parents and grandparents. This feature is hosted by my cat, The Little Nipper.

3. (book) Harley Hahn's Internet Advisor...
Teaches you everything you need to know to use the Internet well, starting from the beginning.

4. (book) Harley Hahn's Internet Insecurity...
An intelligent person's look at our modern, technology-based culture.

5. Ask Harley...
A collection of fascinating questions and answers, things you may have wondered about, but never really understood.

6. Harley Hahn's Tidbits...
Useful, straightforward questions and practical, thought-provoking answers.

7. Harley Hahn's Guide to Muds...
A doorway to a universe of imaginary worlds and strange beings.

Thousands of Internet resources for you to explore...

•  The Harley Hahn Experience contains thousands of links to Web sites, Usenet discussion groups, and mailing lists.

All of these links — including the entire Yellow Pages book — are live, which means you never have to type in a long address. Just point, click and explore.