Harley Hahn's
Internet Insecurity

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Detailed Table of Contents...

  A Personal Note From Harley Hahn
Introduction: Coming of Age
Chapter 1: Toward a Grand Unified Theory
Our Friend the Network
Why We Connect Networks
The Roots of the Internet
The Internet is Now "The Net"
Is Big Brother Really Watching?
Carnivore in an Omnivore
What the FBI Assistant Director Has to Say
When Internet Law Enforcement Runs Amuck
What Superintendent Babin Has to Say
How the Internet Works: TCP/IP
Moving the Data: Routers, MAEs and NAPs
Who Runs The Internet?
The Nature of the Net
Is It Realistic to Have an Expectation of Privacy?
Chapter 2: Is Your Business Their Business?
It's Different at Work
The Rules Rule
Why You Are on Your Own
What Not to Do at Work
The Weak Links in the Chain of Privacy
It's Worse Than You Think
Even Paranoids Have Real Enemies
Protecting Yourself
Software That Snoops
Chapter 3: Staying One Step Ahead
Some Web Terminology
Your Browser History
Where the Pictures Are: Your Cache
Controlling Your Browser History
Controlling AutoComplete
Disks and Discs
How Data Is Measured on a Disk
Strange Metric Terminology
Files and Folders
Windows Explorer
Windows Explorer Options
Flushing the Cache
Chapter 4: Taking Control
Clients and Servers
Web Clients and Servers
Web-Based Email
How Private is Web-Based Email?
How Private is Regular Email?
Sneaky Browser Tricks: Cookies
Why Are Cookies Used So Much?
An Approach to the Privacy Dilemma
What To Do About Cookies
Tossing Your Cookies
The Balance of Power
You Are Not the Customer
Cleaning Out Your Computer Every Day
Bequeathing Your Computer
The Windows Registry
Programs That Take Your Side
Chapter 5: ">The Psychology of Privacy
Transition and Ignorance
Why Talk About Privacy?
What Is Privacy?
A Lack of Vocabulary
Our Desire for Privacy
The Controlling Forces
Who Gets Privacy?
Our Real Needs
Chapter 5: You Just Think You Have Rights
Do We Have a Right to Privacy?
The Highest Law of the Land
What the Supreme Court Has to Say
Thinking on a Large Scale
The American Frontier
Why Americans Are Cowboys
Have the Cowboys Run Amuck?
Why We Let Them Get Away With It
Chapter 7: The Politics of Privacy
The Rules
Privacy Policies
How to Think About Privacy Policies
Why ID Numbers Are Important
U.S. Social Security Numbers
Should We Be Worried?
What Privacy Commissioner Slane Has to Say
Why We Need Regulation
Chapter 8: Our Need to Communicate: Email, Chatting and Privacy
The Biological Urge to Communicate
Computing as a Social Activity
The Golden Age of Computing
The Personal Computer
The Reason for Networks
Is the Net Enough?
Sharing by Email
How to Share by Email
Emailing Blind Copies
Embarrassment and Distress: A True Story
Why Is There So Much Misinformation on the Net?
8 Sure-fire Ways to Spot an Email Hoax
Hoaxes and Urban Legends
The 5 Biggest Email Mistakes
Protecting Your Email Address
How to Get a Disposable Email Address
Protecting Other People's Email Privacy
Talk is Cheap (and Not Very Private)
Abbreviations and Acronyms
Chapter 9: The Mystery Of Viruses: Revealed
What Are Viruses?
The Virus Challenge
How a Virus Spreads From One File to Another
Who Creates Viruses?
The Three Types of Viruses
Virus Hoaxes
The Trojan Horse
Early Computer Viruses
Early Worms
The Last Days of Innocence
The Worm That Brought Down the Net
The Internet Worm: Prologue
Quick Diversion: A Puzzle
Chapter 10: Protecting Your Stuff: Viruses and Common Sense
Who Needs Special Virus Protection?
How Viruses Spread by Sharing Files
What to Do About Regular Viruses
How Viruses Spread Through Email
What Happens When You Open a File?
What to Do About Email Viruses
Making Sure Attachments Are Really Gone
Security vs. Convenience
Macro Viruses
Early Macro Viruses
What to Do About Macro Viruses
Antivirus Programs: The Real Truth
What Should You Do If You Get a Virus
    on Your Computer?
How to Be Safe: Four Simple Rules
Quick Diversion: The Solution
Chapter 11: Protecting Your Stuff: Configuring Your System
Two Startling Truths
Are There Dangerous Web Sites?
Scripting Languages
Making Your Browser Safe
Making Your Email Program Safe
Extra Protection Against Evil Scripts
How to Remove Windows Scripting Host
    (Windows 98/ME)
How to Remove Dangerous File Extensions
    (Windows 95)
Protecting Your Network: Firewalls
Late One Night
Chapter 12: Understanding Money (Really!)
What is Money?
The Idea of Money
Who Invented Money?
Paper Money
The First Successful Paper Money
Inflation and Hyperinflation
The Real Lesson of History
How Roosevelt and Nixon Ended
    the Gold Standard
Business Cycles: Why Someone Needs
    to Be In Charge
Who Controls the Money Supply?
How Most Money is Created
How the Fed Creates and Destroys Money: Part I
How the Fed Creates and Destroys Money: Part II
Money Desensitization
Money and You
Money and the Net
The Internet Factor
Chapter 13: Protecting Your Money: Shopping and Selling Without Fear
Two True Stories
How the Net Affects Buying and Selling
What Is It Like to Buy Something On the Net?
How to Protect Your Privacy When You Buy Online
Why It Is Okay to Specify Fake Information
Is It Safe to Buy Online?
Will a Hacker Get Your Credit Card Number?
What You Really Need to Worry About
6 Ways to Protect Yourself When You Buy Online
5 Ways to Evaluate an Online Vendor
Shipping and Handling Charges: The Real Truth
How to Find What You Want: Shopping Bots
How to Find What You Want: Search Engines
Personal Financial Services
Several Words to the Wise
Online Payment Services
What is an Online Auction?
Getting Started With Auctions
How to Protect Yourself Against Auction Fraud
10 Tips to Make Online Auctions Work for You
The Most Important Hint of All
Chapter 14: Protecting Your Family: Sex, Security and Relationships
Understanding Our Basic Nature
Evolution and Natural Selection
The Secret of Life
Sexual and Asexual Reproduction
Why We Need Relationships
Why We Need Friends and Family
What Really Happens When You Talk on the Net
The Nature of Friendship
A Modern-Day True Love Story
Couples and the Net
8 Signs That Your Spouse is Having
    an Online Affair
What to Do If Your Spouse is Having
    an Online Affair
Net Sex and Pornography
Children and the Net
Appendix: Abbreviations Used While Talking On The Net